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Ecole Anne Hebert
Queen Elizabeth Annex
Ecole Rose des Vents & Jules Verne
Ecole Noval Morrisseau
Ecole des Navigateurs
Ecole Andre Piolat

CSF Policies & Guidelines For Parents
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PDF Forms For Parents
These are fillable PDF forms. Once the form(s) have been filled out you can email them back to Lynch Bus Lines by using the "Send Email" button at the bottom of each of the form(s).
Please note that you may need to download the form to your PC in order to use all the fillable PDF features.
(1) Open the form - don't fill it out.
(2) Download and save it on your computer.
(3) Find the location of the form you downloaded and open it.
(4) Fill out and sign it by using a Digital ID file.
(5) Click on SEND EMAIL and send it from your email.

Change of address
Request for Secondary Stop
Request for courtesy seat ridership
Request for unattended dropoff
Alternate Adult Dropoff Consent
Bus Registration Return to School Office
Stop Change Request